Brain Rule 3 in Action

A hotel tested several messages to make guests use their towel more than once. Which one had most effect?

1. Help the hotel save energy

2. Let’s together save the environment

3. Just like other guests, help to save the environment

4. Just like other guests, help to save the environment (75% of the guests in this room participated in our savings-program)

5. Use our energy sources sparingly, think about our future generation

6. Help to save the environment

Did you choose answer 4? Very good!
49% of the guests who received this message, reused their towels If you do not know what to do, you follow others and the applicable rules. But that’s not all! Research shows that we have an in-built aversion to go against the flow of the group.

Answer 1 was least effective. Less than 16% of the guests reused the towels. The benefit was just for the hotel.

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