Senz is an international strategy & growth consultancy, based in Malaysia

Is your competitive advantage as strong as it could be?

Especially for CEO's & Directors in the Healthcare | Life sciences | Services industry who want to make a difference

Do you want to overcome insufficient differentiation from the competition?

Are you facing a lack of innovation & commitment of your employees?

BUT do you want to grow, actively work to stand out from the competition,

and inspire your team to take initiatives?

We help you stand out in your market
& take your people along with you

  • By developing a clear focus & strategic direction
  • Aligning and engaging your leaders & employees 
  • Aligning your processes, behavior and activities

''A well-positioned company with engaged employees will beat the competition that has a comparable offering''

Here's how you can benefit:

Increase employee

Increase customer
rates by

Multiply your
financial success



x 4,5

Source: based on linkage case studies using Hay Group's global normative database


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Our most popular GROWTH  & PERFORMANCE programs

'Engage for Success' 

change management program

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    For CEO's and VP's whose market position is under pressure. This 3 months organizational transformation program helps you to stand out from the competition and leads to a greater employee performance, customer engagement and financial success.

'Employee Engagement 2.0'
leadership masterclass

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    For leaders who need to deal with change. This 2,5 day training prepares you to lead with vision and lift your team to a new level of engagement.  Employee engagement is the key to a high productivity and customer satisfaction.

'Power of YOU'
 Leadership growth  

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    For leaders, who want to deal better with difficult situations & people. Not only recognize your core strengths and added value, but learn to deal with your pitfalls and overcome ineffective behavior. Choose between a 2-day workshop or personal coaching.

With Senz you inspire your people to build a leading position

Creating supporting mindsets & behavior make the difference

  • Finding your strengths & unique added value is our specialism
  • We help you translate your strategies into the mind & behavior of your employees and clients

  • It works: We made 5 products the global leader in highly competitive markets

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