Client Attraction Pro - Training

You will learn the newest (& proven) strategies to attract more clients

If you struggle to differentiate your brand from the competition
Learn the most effective positioning and brain strategies to differentiate your brand from others and attract clients spontaneously.

This in-company training is for marketing teams, that:

· struggle to differentiate their brand from others

· have not reached the potential sales of their brand yet

· face that price seems to be the only factor that matters in their market

· are tired of long marketing plans that do not lead to anything

· are willing to spend time on branding

· are open to innovation

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We only give this 2-day in-company training
1x per month
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Karin van Zuilen
Strategy & Positioning expert

Company/brand owners, it's not always easy to sell your great ideas and products 

You have great products... and ideas keep coming. However, you are so busy, that some of you hardly find time to strategize how to sell your offer. Your team creates brochures, visits important accounts, answers questions of clients, creates interesting promotions and is present during congresses. However they hardly spend time to devise a differentiating positioning, unique claims and strategies that make your clients choose for you. Maybe you recognize some of the above.

During this training, you will learn the most effective strategies to differentiate your brand and attract more clients.​

A high level training, that is hard to find. If you want your people to work on a higher level than execution alone. Imagine that you:

- can differentiate your brand from others

​- are able to ask for premium prices

- have a few amazing (though simple) tools that you can immediately use to attract more clients

Do you only use 10% of your persuasiveness?

There is a big disconnect between how you sell your products and how it is received by your clients. As a result, 9 out of 10 times your important messages don’t get through. Messages are sent from the smart and new part of the brain. But they are received by the part that is 5 million years older (and not as bright). This is a serious problem if you want to be successful. You need to understand why this disconnect happens in order to overcome it. And you need to know the recipes that DO work to get people into action.

In this course you learn the recipes to make your message land at the right place. You will learn everything about positioning and how to communicate your message effectively. This way, you can add another 90% to your persuasiveness and can attract clients more easily.

Artur Zapart Sales & Marketing Director
Astellas Pharma
Life sciences

Karin helped us create the leading brand in the urology market in Poland.

We cooperated on the Omnic launch project in Poland, a new market with new competitors. 
Karin led many marketing-workshops: very clear vision of the problem, inspirational, excellent structure,
interactive & challenging assignments and tangible output.

During this high level training, I offer you my extensive experience in an extremely condensed form.

I teach you the best of effective branding and positioning strategies and neuro-marketing know-how.

This program is unique in Asia.

It does not include theories from old-school management books or execution based marketing tools, but will focus on the most effective new strategies. It will be highly practical, so you can implement some of the strategies, as soon as you have finished the training. During the training, you will practice with your own brands.

We have chosen for the in-house training format, because this helps you gain all revenues.

Your team will be able to practice with their own brands, they will be able to support each other after the training and I can give your business all focus it deserves.

The program looks as follows:

Day 1

1. The secrets of getting into your client's mind & heart 

You will get access to the newest information how to attract more clients. You will gain a deep understanding of how the decision process works; and what makes people take action.

2. How to get deep insights in the market dynamics

Long marketing plans with external, competitive & PEST analysis are not necessary anymore. You learn a very efficient way to collect THE insights that help you understand how you can create added value

3. Proven magic to differentiate yourself

You will learn the most effective method to differentiate yourself from the competition. This is the way to escape from the fight about who is better or cheaper.

Day 2

4. How you can grab the attention of your clients

After this module, you will know how to communicate with potential clients to get their YES. You can use this during presentations, sales talks, on your website and in your pitches. You will exactly know who is most likely to buy your products (and why).

5. Create the winning marketing-mix

Many marketers create brochures, visit congresses, talk with clients and prepare promotions, which do not lead to a gain of market share. Here you learn what you need to do (in terms of product, pricing, promotion and distribution) to become a leading player.

6. The best brain-tips to attract clients

Although we think that decisions are being taken by our rational brain, this is not true. Research shows that 95% of our decisions are actually driven by our subconscious mind. You will learn the best proven ways to add an extra 95% to your influential power.

Your take-away after the training:

  • Knowledge of what makes people take action
  • Awareness of the added value of your brand (through a very efficient method)
  • You can pitch & present  your service/product successfully (e.g. online, with clients, in any brochure)
  • You know how to create a winning marketing mix
  • Many effective tools that you can immediately use to attract more clients

For more than 20 years, Karin van Zuilen worked with teams from over the whole world.
It is one of her passions to train global teams.

As a global marketing director, she developed successful strategies and teams. Karin and her team attracted agents and distributors from all over the world. I think you know what this means? They were responsible for a whole bunch of products, including those of Karin's team. And she needed to fight to get a good position in the portfolio of the distributors.

Training-programs were an important element that she used to achieve this. With success! The sales-and marketing people loved Karin and her team, the approach and the products; so, the distributors and agents wanted to help them build the brand. They also learned how to become better marketers.

This way, Karin's teams made 4 products the global market leader in highly competitive markets!

Interest in people, drive, entrepreneurship & innovation are typical for her. The combination of global executive marketing experience and deep knowledge of psychology, neuro-marketing and branding have a high added value for her clients.

Karin van Zuilen
Strategy & Positioning expert


 1 Month Implementation Support

When you are following this program, I will answer your questions during 1 month.

After following this program, you will get weekly implementation tips in your inbox in order to keep you going, for 1 month.
During this month, you will have the opportunity to ask your individual questions by mail. You will get my personal reaction, within 2 working days.

Other marketing directors asked me the following questions:

1. Will this information indeed be implemented?
Of course this depends on you in the end. However, as compared to other training programs, this one is highly practical. The focus will be only on your team and your brand. Further, you will already implement some of the learning during the training. You can use the knowledge every day, every time, every where: during contacts with clients, while writing a brochure and in a sales pitch. So, yes, it is very likely that you will benefit of this course.

2. Is this all possible in 2 days?
I gave hundreds of strategy & marketing workshops all over the world, to general managers, marketing directors and product managers. Since I have this experience, I am able to share this information with you in a very condensed form. You do not need to make things more difficult than they are. Experience learns that when you are focused, new things can be digested quickly. So, yes, this is possible in 2 days.

3. Can't we better spend our time on operational issues?
This is what you have done so far. The reason that you are considering this training, is probably that you do not get the results you want, or even want to get better. If you want to keep all like it currently is, you should not invest in this training. If you want more clients, if you want to stay ahead of the competition and if you want to differentiate yourself... then you better invest 2 days to make your team ready for this.

Jeffrey Berkouwer, Manager Capital Markets
Momentum Capital - Private Equity Investors
The Netherlands

We had our best year ever

We wanted to further enlarge our network of wealthy individuals in the Dutch market. Neither sending mailings nor networking lead to the wished results. As result of Karin’s Client-Attraction training, we changed our strategy and
focused on our mission and unique investment approach. This helped us attract far more clients.

Yung Ta Leong, Marketing Manager
InQpharm Group Sdn Bhd

We found our unique brand positioning

In a crowded market, it was a challenge to make our consumer health products (in the heart health, immune health, brain health and anti-aging market) stand out from the competition. Karin was able to help my team see and analyze things in a very different way. We were inspired to look outside the company borders, the existing technologies and customer base. This way, we found new value and a unique product positioning.

Contains the newest effective strategies

In this training you get access to the newest information in the field of client attraction. You get updated with the most up-to-date and effective techniques in a very condensed form.

EASY to implement

You can immediately start to implement this information in your own business. In this training you practice with your own product/service.

Practical Information

This training will take place in a location that you can choose. It will be for your team only.

In Europe this workshop costs: 11.500 RM per person! For a team of 10 people this would be: over 100.000 RM.

Since I am based in KL, the investment for your team (of max. 12 people), for the full program will be: 19.970 RM for a TEAM.

This includes all materials and 1 trainer, but excludes travel cost (if any) and accommodation cost. 

If you want to pay in different currency, please let me know:

Go Poh Li, Global marketing Manager
InQpharm Group Sdn Bhd

We created a whole range of differentiated products and health-concepts

We were entering highly competitive consumer health markets, like oral care, gastro-intestinal health and allergy relief. These mature markets were dominated by the big boys. Therefore, it was not easy to devise new concepts and positioning strategies, which differentiated us from the competition. Karin’s leadership, branding workshops and blue ocean approach helped our team generate innovative out-of-the box ideas. This way we created a new health concept, as well as a whole range of uniquely differentiated products and services. Karin listens, motivates, inspires and brings teams to greater heights.

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