DIAMOND - Program

You will implement the newest (& proven) strategies to attract (more) clients

For start-ups and companies that need to attract more clients 
Implement the most effective positioning and strategies to differentiate your company from others

This support program is for start-ups/companies, that:

· struggle to differentiate their brand from others

· have not reached their potential sales level yet

· face that price seems to be the only factor that matters in their market

· are tired of long marketing plans that do not lead to anything

· are willing to spend time on branding

· are open to innovation

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Do YOU face hurdles to boost your sales to a new level?

· It is hard work to get new clients . Clients do not know to find you spontaneously. You may have a client base, but finding and attracting new clients takes a long time and lots of effort.

· There is not much time left to work on a new approach. You develop new products, you talk with clients, go to events and create new materials.

· You offer great products, but the sales could be far higher. You do not have an integrated system that attracts clients.

· It is hard to scale up your business. Passive income does not flow into your organization.

In 6 months time your situation CAN look as follows:

  • Your sales numbers have grown to a far higher level. And this is not the end. You can generate this again and again.
  • Your ideal clients are heading your way due to a structured plan. Business development becomes easy. People become visitors. Visitors become fans and fans become clients. New clients become loyal clients. It is all automated and you know what to expect.
  • A new marketing approach, that attracts more clients, has been implemented. Hurrah! And you did not need to spend much of your precious time on this. It’s like you had hired a new marketing director.
  • You have a revenue model, which allows you to scale up your business. Part of your knowledge is cashed online, so you can spend your precious time on very large customized projects and meanwhile earn money, passively.

Karin van Zuilen
Strategy & Positioning expert

Working together helps you reach your goals faster

I know how busy you are. And I also know that you are ambitious. Let me help you implement all steps. Let’s do it together. This has many advantages. Let me list the most important ones:

  • Goals can be reached faster: I will be there to help you with every step
  • You get a swifter access to all information; you are learning while doing
  • Guaranteed long term results: everybody is involved from the beginning and in the same flow; you can easily follow-up yourself

Jan van den Tooren,
General Manager

Hamelink & van den Tooren
Leading law firm
The Netherlands

Senz gave us a boost to do what we are good at. With Senz, we made clear what differentiates our company from others and what we stand for. It was impressive how fast our team members realized what they can contribute in order to become a unique player.

Artur Zapart Sales & Marketing Director
Astellas Pharma
Life sciences

Karin helped us create the leading brand in the urology market in Poland.
We cooperated on the Omnic launch project in Poland, a new market with new competitors. Karin led many marketing-workshops: very clear vision of the problem, inspirational, excellent structure, interactive & challenging assignments and tangible output.

Ravindran Ragunathan
Head of Human Resources
Zaluvida Group
Life sciences
Kuala Lumpur

Karin has been instrumental in developing “cutting-edge” marketing strategies and concepts that will propel the Company’s future “go to market” strategies. Karin is a highly energized, enthusiastic and passionate person. She exuded this energy and drive to our team members, to make them believe in themselves and to push towards new frontiers. Karin always has a “spirit of excellence” about her.

The 6-steps program looks as follows:

Step 1 - WHAT & WHY

Learn the brain principles &
6-steps flow to attract more clients

In Month 1

  • Learn how to add 95% to your persuasiveness
  • Understand the step-wise approach to attract new clients in a continuous flow
  • Learn the most effective methods and to get clients into your sales-funnel

1 day training for all stakeholders
Online Q&A


Define your own unique position and
differentiate yourself

In Month 1

  • Understand the dynamics in your market following the deep-insights-model©
  • Find out what you do and others don’t
  • Define your uniqueness

2-days live team-workshop 
Feedback & Implementation advise


Learn how to generate leads & get it done

In Month 1

  • Learn how to grab the attention of your clients
  • Create your tempting marketing message, which immediately attracts clients
  • Implement this message on your website & in all other communication

1-day live training and workshop with stakeholders
Documentation & Creation & implementation coaching (online & live)


Create a structured set of products & services to get new & loyal clients

In Month 2

  • Create your sales-funnel and a structured portfolio to attract clients
  • Create a high-end product/service and a ‘sniffle’ product
  • Choose a revenue model, which allows you to scale up your business

2-days live training and workshop with stakeholders
Checklists and documentation
Creation & implementation coaching (online & live)


Implement the best strategies to turn leads into clients

In Month 3-4

  • Learn how to get clients into your funnel
  • Upgrade your website to turn visitors into leads
  • Learn how to advertise at low cost and with high impact (and put it into practice)
  • Learn how to write effective articles in an efficient way (and put it into practice)

1-day live workshop with stakeholders
Checklists and documentation
Creation & implementation coaching (online & live)


Set up an automated system to attract clients continuously

In Month 5-6

  • Understand the dynamics in your market following the deep-insights-model©
  • Install an automatic flow of free content and a focused product/service offer
  • Set your campaigns to get the right info, at the right time, to the right person

1-day live workshop with stakeholders
Checklists and documentation
Creation & implementation coaching (online & live)

Your outcome of the 'Market-Leading Position'- Program includes:

In this 6-step program, we will implement a system, the products and messages to attract clients spontaneously and get them engaged with your brand.

  • You have created a list of leads, that is continuously growing
  • You have learned how to write persuasive messages that grab the attention of your clients
  • Your website makes people take action (a few important changes will make the difference)
  • You have created a client-attraction-funnel by structuring your portfolio of services
  • You know how to drive clients to your website
  • You know how to write articles that do their job, but don’t take much time
  • You have a revenue model, which allows you to scale up your business
  • You have an automated system to sell your products/services

And far more…

‘I successfully introduced hundreds of products, all over the world,
for more than 20 years.’

Karin van Zuilen has more than 20 years of experience as global marketing director in consumer health and ‘big pharma’. As Senz owner, she inspired dozens of companies and teams to recognize and build their unique position in the market.

With her teams she reached the #1 position in 5 highly-competitive markets (globally!).

She helps company- and brand owners, who want to reach a next sales level, to get more clients. With her global marketing experience, knowledge of psychology, leadership and the newest neuro- and pull-marketing tools, she is a one of a kind in South-East Asia.

The Senz workshops and programs have been rated a 9+ (out of 10) for many years.

Jeffrey Berkouwer, Manager Capital Markets

Momentum Capital – Private Equity Investors

The Netherlands

We had our best year ever

We wanted to further enlarge our network of wealthy individuals in the Dutch market.

Neither sending mailings nor networking lead to the wished results. As result of Karin’s Client-Attraction training, we changed our strategy and
focused on our mission and unique investment approach. This helped us attract far more clients.

The value of this program .... compare it :-)!

This program can easily compete with a long-term consultancy program. Instead of thick reports, that are difficult to implement, you will get practical results that are immediately implemented. You learn, while we are doing it together. 

You will get my expertise during 6 months.

If you sell one or two more high-end program(s)/service(s), you will earn back this investment.

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