Senz Team Growth 
Differentiate yourself from the competition

Discover what makes you unique, bring the spirit back in your team and attract more clients

This workshop is suited for your company/team,
if you want to make a difference in your market.

Meanwhile, you are facing one or more of the following bottlenecks:

  • You find it difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Motivation is lacking
  • It is difficult to keep focus on the right products and strategies
  • Your team seems to work at cross purposes and should take more initiative
  • You cannot mention your added value in 1 sentence

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Senz gave us a boost to do what we are good at

With Senz, we made clear what differentiates our company from others
and what we stand for.
It was impressive how fast our team members realized what they

personally can contribute in order to become a unique player.

Jan van den Tooren, General Manager
Hamelink & van den Tooren, Leading law firm
The Netherlands

Workshop with a big impact

One of the best workshops I have ever attended

Very practical and effective.

Pieter Looijenga, International Account Director

KPN International

This workshop helps you determine & build your unique position in the market

It has been proven that companies with a clear identity  - something unique and consistent over time-  perform better than others.  A few differentiating capabilities drive company's identity and success. However, only if the employees are aligned!

Let’s list your benefits:

  • You will be able to differentiate yourself from others. It will no longer be a price- or ‘better than’- fight.
  • The drive will be back in your team! Every team member takes initiatives and contributes proudly to the results.
  • You will be noticed, heard and appreciated by important stakeholders. You know what you stand for and spread it to your environment.

This will have a huge effect on your bottom-line. If you know who you are and believe in this, you can spread it to the market. This makes a team/company authentic and successful!

Karin van Zuilen is a strategy and innovation expert with a focus on organizational transformation. She worked with teams over the whole world. And has 9 years of consulting experience across Asia, North America and Europe. As founder of Senz and former global marketing director in the life science industry, she lead organisations through periods of growth and change, in the areas of business strategy, positioning, innovation, leadership and team alignment.

She has the unique ability to devise innovative market approaches, inspire people and place companies at a competitive advantage in the market. This way  her teams reached the #1 position in highly competitive markets.

As Senz owner she inspired dozens of companies and teams to recognize and build their unique position in their market. Clients were amazed about the enormous impact of just 2-3 days on their internal cooperation, and eventually their sales & profits.

Interest in people, drive, entrepreneurship & innovation are typical for her. The combination of global executive marketing experience, deep knowledge of psychology, leadership, branding and innovation have a high added value for her clients.


This program consists of a strategic session with the project owner, 2 days workshop with the key-team, a follow-up day with the key team and implementation support during 2 months. You and your team will gain so much from this workshop. But apart from this, it is also FUN!
Many years after the workshop, our clients still talk about it and remember the special moments and impact on their business.


Prioritize & Strategize Session with company/brand owner

This strategic session is a very important start of the program. In this session, you will:

  • gain the insights on what your priorities are.
  • determine the major bottlenecks that hinder you to achieve your goals.
  • get a good understanding of your status quo and where you can achieve the highest efficiency gain.

This is a live session with the company/brand-owner and will take 2-3 hours.

Day 1 - part 1

Get a full understanding
of what moves your target group

This intensive team session shows you what makes your target group take action. You will:

  • Understand the dynamics in your market following the deep-insights-model©.
  • Notice how your competitors behave and what they do and don't offer (not only in terms of products).
  • Be able to come up with solutions that are more meaningful than just a better or cheaper product.

This is a live team-workshop and will take 4 h.

Day 1 - part 2

Find your Uniqueness

This is a magic team module, that you will remember for long, since you will:

  • Find out what you do and others don’t
  • Realize what makes you uniqueness
  • Experience amazing AHA moments 
  • Know how you can add value to your market 

This team-workshop will take place at the same day as module 2 and will take 4 hours.

Day 2 - part 1

Bring your Uniqueness into Practice

In order to inspire clients, you need to live up to who you are. Everything needs to fit together. In this module you will find out:

  • Your best-fitting marketing-mix
  • How you should treat and approach your clients
  • Your favorable leadership style, kind of employees that you should hire & structure

This module includes: an online assignment and a live team-workshop of 4 hours

Day 2 - part 2

Inspire your team members to take action

The employees must love the company before the customers ever will. This module:

  • Makes clear what the unique added value and role of each of the team-members is
  • Will inspire your team and make them head into the same direction
  • Produces the top-5 actions that you need to take to convey your uniqueness

This module includes a 4 hours live workshop, that will take place at the same day as module 4


More Action

During the follow-up, we will walk through the action-plan to make things happen. You will:

  • Define the next steps to perfect your unique position
  • Discuss bottlenecks and find solutions.
  • Further strengthen the cooperation between the team members, so it is easier to reach the goals.

This is a live team-workshop and will take 4 hours


2 Months Implementation Support

When you are following this program, I will be coaching you for the full period.
You will get weekly implementation tips in your inbox in order to keep you going; fully personalized.
During this period, you will also have the opportunity to ask your questions by mail.

Our productivity has increased measurably

I wanted to professionalize my department, but the lack of cooperation within my team was blocking this. Senz helped us to develop our mission and how each of us could contribute to this. Very inspirational! Through Karin’s no-nonsense and customized coaching and personal attention, we recognized our strength and improved our cooperation and services. I recommend Senz to everybody who wants to make a difference. 

Nela Ansano, Manager Water Management
Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier

Nela Ansano, Manager Water Management
Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier

You may think:

Does this also work for our company/brand? We are not Starbucks or Apple. The answer is: it only works for your company if you want more than pushing price, features, service or quality as point of differentiation. If you want to mean something in your market. If you want to build a business based on trust. Otherwise, it is going to be a struggle. If you are passionate about your business (even if you do not exactly why, yet) and you are prepared to completely stand for it and live up to it, this is an approach that will work for you. This is exactly what my teams did when we became market leaders, even on a global level.

What will be our gain in the end?

If you do not know your added value or uniqueness, it is very difficult to attract the right clients, to pitch your company, to cooperate within your team, for employees to take the right initiatives, to make the right decisions, to be appreciated by stakeholders. ‘Just’ knowing and conveying your mission (at all levels) will definitely help you to turn this around.

Should I invest this much? Ask yourself the question: am I happy with the current status? Do I want to continue like this? You can also ask yourself: what would it cost me if I don't take action? If your team is not fully inspired, they will not be able to inspire clients, either. If you do not know exactly where you are different, nobody will know. If you cannot do your elevator-pitch, how many clients will you miss? We realize that our clients already earn their investment back if they get 1-5 new clients, as result of their investment.

At the end of this program

You will have an action-plan at hand to convey your uniqueness

          You will know:

  • What makes you unique
  • What is your unique set of capabilities
  • How can your team cooperate most effectively
  • How can you lead in the most efficient and inspiring way
  • How & what should you communicate to inspire and attract clients
  • What is the role of each of your key team-members
  • What are our top 5 action points to become a leading player

Are you interested?

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