Performance Tips

The 6 steps to drive successful organizational change
 ‘Our people are not heading into the same direction Too many ad-hoc activities are going on We expect more initiatives[...]
10 amazing innovation examples
10 great examples of breakthrough innovations to inspire your business from Senz - Brand Positioning & Client Attraction Short presentation[...]
Are Visionary Leaders dying out?
Is visionary leadership for business gurus only? Or can it be for anyone running day-to-day business? Being visionary means creating[...]
Brain Rule 5 – to turn failure into success
How to avoid a sub-optimal marketing campaign Many marketing-campaigns are sub-optimal. This article covers the 5th brain rule, a very[...]
5 essential factors to get your team into action
  Brain Rule 4 for Teams - to make your team follow you We do not trust our boss! In the[...]
10 easy ways to increase your credibility
Brain Rule 4 – to be trusted and increase your revenues   ‘I just don’t trust this clinic. I had[...]
7 strategies to turn negativity & passiveness into initiative
Brain Rule 3 for teams: to Increase the Initiative in your Team Your employees are complaining that there is a[...]
Brain Rule 3 – don’t Introduce your Brand without Using these 3 Strategies
Brain rule 3 – to make clients love your brand The whole day, your clients are influenced by millions of[...]
#1 Strategy to build a leading market position
A short presentation to show why companies miss to become a market leader. You will also learn how you can[...]
Brain Rule 2 – how to increase your team’s productivity by 50%
To Increase your Team's Productivity How can your clients be inspired if your employees aren’t inspired? This is the question,[...]
Brain Rule 2 – 3 Do’s & Don’ts to engage your customers
For Ultimate Client Binding Have you ever asked yourself why some sales reps and business people sell more than others?[...]
Brain Rule 1 – How you add 95% to your influential power
To Inspire your Clients and become a Leader Here is the big idea in 86 words There is a big[...]
5 Question to check if your website works for you
First Aid to Keep more Visitors at your Website Visitors of your website decide in 2.6 sec. whether to leave[...]
Positioning Tips – Coming Soon
Soon, you will find here: tips how you can find your unique added value