Senz is an international strategy & growth consultancy, based in Malaysia
Our Life Sciences department is globally active in commercial advisory and capital raising

Your ambition is to establish the next breakthrough in Life Sciences
but a challenging road is ahead of you

Our experts guide you along your path to success in this complex market

We help academics, innovators and entrepreneurs develop their winning strategy
and find matching funding-, exit- and distribution-partners
, to make their innovation a success

Our SERVICES to help you grow your business

Develop a winning strategy 

Market analysis
Go-to-market strategy
Business plan writing
Revenue forecasting

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    A business plan lays the foundation and road map for your business.
  • A solid plan improves your chances of being successful by giving you strategic direction, understanding your competitive position, visualizing potential risks, and assisting with the planning of financials and activities. It can also help you during the funding process. We can help you compile the necessary information and set up a comprehensive business plan.

Acquire funding & Enable exit 

Set objectives
Create materials
Select leads
Engage investors & target companies

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  • Project funding is key to turning project ideas into real life innovation and success. Too often, innovative ideas and products do not come to fruition due to lack of funding. Senz offers the support to compile professional materials to engage potential investors. We also select matching leads and help you find the right investment and acquisition partner. You maximize your chances of success through making use of our broad network and experience in this industry.  

Expand your business 

Market research
Select best partners
Engage distribution partners
Interim management

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  • With the right partner and excellent knowledge of the market, you can expand much faster. For entrepreneurs in the areas of life science, (digital) health, biotechnology and agriculture, there’s a lot to take into consideration when entering a new market. A good product doesn’t lead by definition to a successful introduction. We can help you finding the right distribution partners. If you are not at the stage yet to hire your own employees, we can also function as your interim management, especially general management, marketing and business development.

Why to choose for Senz

When you choose to work with us, you are opting for customized guidance, a rigorous and well-structured approach based on proven-effective tools and methods.

For more than 10 years we have been supporting entrepreneurs and innovators in the Life Science, Healthcare, Biotechnology, and Agricultural market to successfully enter the market.
We have successfully introduced pharmaceuticals, consumer health products and supplements with global success. We would be delighted to help you introduce your meaningful innovations faster and successfully.

Our long experience in the industry also means that we are well-connected to VC’s and private investors, but especially to the pharmaceutical and consumer health industry in USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East. This enables us to make the right matches between innovations and investment and/or development partners.

Our Life Science experts

Coert Huijbregsen, consultant life sciences

Coert Huijbregsen is medical doctor, holds a MBA General Management and contributes to Senz in the area of life sciences. For 18 years, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry as marketing director and general manager and worked closely together with R&D, Q&A and manufacturing departments. Apart from the professional medical market, he also has a broad experience in the consumer healthcare segment.

As a consultant, he carried out several business development projects, including market analysis for natural substances, feasibility studies for medical devices and probiotic cleaning. He is strongly financially oriented and has a great capability of adding commercial insights to life sciences projects, including market analysis, feasibility studies and marketing strategies.

Karin van Zuilen, strategy consultant

Karin guides mid-sized organizations, as well as start-ups in Europe, USA and Asia, through periods of growth and change. As a global marketing director in the pharmaceutical and consumer health industry, she led the creation of business strategy, brand positioning, portfolio management and product development.

Her teams achieved the #1 market position in pain, BPH, urinary incontinence, weight-management and transplantation and successfully introduced 100+ product/market combinations worldwide.

The combination of industry experience and her expertise in strategy development has a high added value for her clients. Qualifications: master degree in marketing, pharmacy, business economics, certified holistic psychologist

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Our recommendation for the next step: Whether you are a professor, start-up or SME, feel free to contact us. Do you need to acquire funding, a partner to help you strategize and/or want to take a short-cut to achieve your goals? Our experts would be glad to make time for an informal chat. Please leave your information in our contact form. Or get in touch with us by sending us a message / whatsapp via +60 162372042.We are based in Malaysia and work with clients and investors from all over the world.

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