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We are on a mission to help you win the hearts and minds of your clients
with the most effective (neuro)-marketing strategies,
so you CAN FLY to a next sales level

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Are you fighting for market share?

Do you belong to the group of 80% of company/brand owners who lose most of their time on implementation and hardly find time to (re-)strategize? You have great products and ambitions, but meanwhile:

  • It's hard to attract and keep clients
  • Competitors are stealing market share
  • Your market is becoming a price game

There are other ways! Fighting is not necessary if you find your uniqueness and know how to translate this into the minds and hearts of your clients. With this, it’s possible for each company (with a mission), to easily attract a dedicated group of clients, ask for higher prices with an innovative offer and jump to a next sales level.

We help you with the newest marketing strategies, training and workshops based on 25 years of global marketing experience and neuro-marketing knowledge. This way, we successfully introduced hundreds of products all over the world and became global market leader in 4 markets.

We help you build your unique position in the market 

Our offer:

Jan van den Tooren,
General Manager

Hamelink & van den Tooren
Leading law firm
The Netherlands

Senz gave us a boost to do what we are good at. With Senz, we made clear what differentiates our company from others and what we stand for. It was impressive how fast our team members realized what they personally can contribute in order to become a unique player.

Artur Zapart Sales & Marketing Director
Astellas Pharma
Life sciences

Karin helped us create the leading brand in the urology market in Poland.
We cooperated on the Omnic launch project in Poland, a new market with new competitors. Karin led many marketing-workshops: very clear vision of the problem, inspirational, excellent structure, interactive & challenging assignments and tangible output.

We are happy to share our ideas and knowledge with you! A good start is to sign up for the challenge and receive 5 proven steps to attract more clients.

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Where does Senz make the difference?

We believe that every company can have its own unique role and position,
instead of having to fight head-on against many competitors.

  • Finding your unique added value is our specialism
  • Our programs are based on how our brain influences us to take action
  • We made 4 products the global leader in a highly competitive market