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Is your market position under pressure?

Is your organisation lacking focus ?

Is your team not taking initiatives?

Do you want to optimize your strategic focus and
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We help leaders achieve positive lasting change in behavior, for themselves and their teams, leading to:

  • Focused market approaches and strategies 
  • Authentic leadership that engages people
  • A motivated high performance team


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Our most popular transformation programs

'Engage for Success' 

change management program

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    For mid-sized organizations whose market position is under pressure. Our 3 months - flagship change management program for organizational transformation and inspiration.  Creates strategic focus and inspires employee buy-in & contribution at every level of your organization

'Employee Engagement 2.0'
leadership masterclass

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    Strong leadership needed in times of change? This 2,5 day training prepares leaders to lead their team to a new level of productivity and engagement. Learn the 5 essential factors to make people take action. 

'Power of YOU'
 Authentic leadership workshop
and/or coaching

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    Want to deal better with difficult situations & people? Not only recognize your core strengths, but learn to deal with your pitfalls and overcome your barriers. Choose between a unique workshop or personal coaching series based on the Core Quadrants, the most effective method for leadership growth.

With Senz you achieve positive lasting change

Creating supporting mindsets & behavior makes the difference

  • Finding your strengths & unique added value is our specialism
  • We help you translate your strategies into the mind & behavior of your employees and clients
  • It works: We made 4 products the global leader in highly competitive markets

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