Differentiation & Engagement offer
to stay ahead in your market

Here, you find the products & services to differentiate yourself from the competition & win more clients

Transformation programs (differentiation + Engagement)

'Engage for success'
Change management program

  • 3-6 months change-management program to create new approaches and strategies to stay ahead. And bring the spirit and alignment throughout your whole organization for greater customer engagement.

'Competitive Power'
Team differentiation workshop

  • This 3,5 day team program leads to greater employee and  customer engagement and helps to differentiate you from your competitors. The shortest change management program for teams.

Employee Engagement series

'Employee Engagement 2.0'
Leadership masterclass

  • 2,5 days program to prepare leaders to generate new ideas and strategies within their teams. You will learn how to lead your team to a new level of productivity and engagement.

'Power of YOU' workshop
Authentic leadership workshop

  • During this 2 day workshop  will boost your personal/leadership growth, motivation and confidence. And helps you to handle people and situations more effectively.

'Power of YOU' coaching
Authentic leadership coaching

  • High level inspirational coaching, that helps you to be more confident, focused and influential. And helps you to engage employees and customers.

Differentiation series

'Senz Brand Growth'
Branding training

  • In this 2 day training, you will learn the most effective strategies to differentiate your brand from others & the newest neuro-marketing tips to attract more clients.
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Senz Diamond program
Start-up & biz growth program

  • 3-6 months program to help you create a unique position & implement a simple system, the products and messages to attract & retain more clients.
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'Innovation in practice'
Innovation workshop

  • 2 day team workshop to help your team come up with innovations that benefit the productivity, revenues and profit of your organization 

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