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5 Question to check if your website works for you

First Aid to Keep more Visitors at your Website

Visitors of your website decide in 2.6 sec. whether to leave or stay. Do you know what percentage leaves after 2.6 sec.? According to Google: 70-90%! You may have spent quite some money to make clients visit your website and then they immediately disappear.

Why? This is because your visitors don’t get the triggers that they need. Research shows that 95% of our decisions are being taken by the part of our brain that is 5 million years old and not very bright. This old part is called the reptilian brain. In order to get our messages across, we need to speak to this part of the brain.

Imagine how it would be if your website helps you get more clients. What would this mean?  You do not need to do any cold calling, network events will not be crucial to your business anymore and you can spend less money on advertising.

So, how can we talk to the reptilian brain and make your website work for you? Your reptilian brain is triggered by basic needs and listens to simple and clear language. If you know how to use this information, you get more customers that contact you, sign up to your email list, like you or buy your products.

Let me share the 5 questions visitors want to be answered while visiting your homepage.

Go to your homepage, image you are a new visitor and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is this all about?

    Face-to-face, most business people can make clear what their business is about, but is it immediately obvious at the homepage?

    Make clear what business you are in & what is the purpose of this website. Are you a pharmaceutical company, are you a consultant, are you a business school, are you a clinic for children? Does this sound obvious to you? Still, this often goes wrong.

  1. Is it for people like me?

    Is it clear that they write to me? Does it solve my problem?

    The ‘Reptilian Brain’ is very self-centered. It feels: I am the only important person on earth. This means that it should be immediately clear that it is all about your client. If you use their words, describe their problems and solve their issues, you will catch their attention. 

  1. What makes this unique?

    Does it offer a new solution or special method? Is it offered in a different way? Is it faster, more cost effective, easier, most advanced, most loved, best rated, scientifically proven, does it give better results, is it more practical? Is it offered by someone I trust?

    Contrast alerts our brain that something special is happening. You need to give your clients a very good and clear ‘picture’ of the differences. Are your competitors saying the same as you? You are not the only one. My advice: take the effort to find your unique position. This makes the difference between being average and being a leader, being able to ask for a premium price or not, the need to spend loads of money on advertising or not.

  1. What do they sell? What can I do here?

    Do I immediately get an idea of the offer?

    We get millions of triggers a day and are quickly distracted and bored. It immediately needs to be clear what product(s)/service(s) you offer. Maybe, your client is interested in the solution, but if they cannot quickly find how you deliver this, you will lose them fast.

    For example: they want to look younger, but do you offer anti-aging creams or operations?
    Or they want to lose weight, but they are not sure whether you offer a product, exercises or healthy food tips. Or they want to improve their sales, but are not sure whether you offer consulting services, trainings or software. This should be clear right away.

  2. Where should I click?

    Am I pointed to where they want me to click?

    You probably have heard this before: clients need a call to action. Tell them what you want them to do or otherwise they will get lost. Make sure it is very obvious what action they should take at each page.

Take a critical look at your own website. And why don’t you ask 5 other people to give you an answer to these questions, too? A few simple improvements can make a huge difference!

With unique greetings,